Summer Sale: Every Sound Effects Library 50% Off Next 48 Hours

Summer Sound Effects Sale

To celebrate this incredible summer we’re having, Airborne Sound is offering 50% off every sound fx library on the entire site. That includes our premium sound libraries, our Library Builder Bundles, and even our Bargain Bundles.

This is the first time we’ve placed the entire sound library of 21 packages on sale at one time. We don’t do this often. All 53 gigabytes in over 3,600 files is half off for the next 48 hours only.

Use the promo coupon SUMMERSALE2014 on the second page of the checkout (instructions). You’ll see the prices updated with the 50% discount after you enter the code there.

Read on to see the sound library details.

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Now Available: 4 New Vehicle Sound Effect Libraries

Vehicle Sound Libraries

Today I’m happy to announce Airborne Sound is releasing 4 new sound collections. The theme? Vehicles!

  • Cars 1: Elements: 500 mixed recordings of cars, maneuvers, and Foley.
  • Transit Trains 1: 230 subway, streetcar, and monorail recordings from around the world.
  • Boats 1: Ferries: sound effects from 12-person to 7-ton passenger boats.
  • Aviation 1: 60 sound clips of helicopters, jets, fighters, and seaplanes.

In this article I’ll describe each package, and why they are special. At the end of the post I’ll share a discount code for 50% off the new collections, good for the next 48 hours only.

That code will let you download almost 850 HD field recordings in over 13.5 gigabytes of vehicle sound effects for $55.

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Download Free Transit Train Sound Effects

Toronto, TCC H Series Subway - 4

My ears are always listening for any new, cool field recordings. I do have my favourite sound effects, though. One category that always captures my interest is vehicle sound clips.

Today I’ll explain why these sounds are interesting, and share a handful of free transportation sound effects with you that you can download to use in your own projects.

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3 New Sound Collections: Over 14 Gigs Released Today

Jet Pack Montage Half & Half

Today Airborne Sound is releasing three new sound libraries.

The first is a special addition to our “premier” sound effects collections. The other two are a new type of sound library we’re introducing for the first time today.

I’ll describe each package, and how it can help you and your projects. I’ll also include a special 55%-off discount code, good for the next 48 hours only. That will give you nearly 15 gigabytes of sound in 450 sound effects for only $47.

Find the code at the end of the post.

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Free Construction Sound FX

Construction Site Sound Effects

My building has been under construction for almost a year. That’s a blessing, though: I’ve been able to record some cool construction sound effects.

A while ago I shared free cutting wheel sound fx. Today I’ll share a few more machinery sound clips, which you can download, free of charge.

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5 New Library Booster Sound Effect Bundles Released

5 Library Booster Bundles

Please note: the two-day sale has completed. Thank you for your support! We will have more deals soon. To learn more, follow us on Twitter or join our free newsletter.

Last week I released a sound effects library, Variety 3. Thank you to everyone who downloaded it, mentioned it on Twitter, and emailed me!

Today I have another announcement. I’m releasing five new sound effect libraries. They’re available exclusively here, on Airborne Sound.

Today I’ll share a bit about the idea behind the sound fx collections, and briefly describe each library. At the end of this post I’ll share a discount code for 50% off these new collections, good for the next 48 hours only.

Use that discount in the next two days, and you’ll receive 1,450 high-definition sound effects in over 12 gigabytes of audio for $39.50.

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Now Available: 75 Free Sound Effects

Variety 3 Free Sound FX

Today I’m releasing a new sound effects library. It’s 75 audio clips in over 600 megabytes of sound. It’s free of charge to download, for a limited time.

It follows after our popular Variety 1 and Variety 2 collections. It’s a package of popular sound FX, bundled in one easy-to-download ZIP file.

It’s called, unsurprisingly, Variety 3.

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Two Free Construction Sound Effects

Stihl TS 420

I used to become annoyed by intrusive sounds.

Living downtown I hear sirens wailing, the drone of helicopters hovering endlessly, garbage trucks bellowing, and so on.

So, when heavy construction nearby interrupted my sound editing last week, I used my philosophy for dealing with troublesome sounds: “when a sound annoys you, record it.”

I recorded a number of sounds which will be included in a sound effects bundle I’ll be releasing soon.

I’ll share a few free sound clips from that field recording session with you today.

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5 Library Builder & Bargain Bundle Sound Effect Packs Now Available

5 Builder Libraries

In the last months we’ve released theme-based sound effects libraries of rare and powerful vehicles: jet fighter sound clips, a steam train, high-performance race car sound effects, and a Victory Vegas motorcycle.

Today we’re releasing 5 new libraries with a twist. What’s different?

There are two different pack types:

  1. Library builder bundles.
  2. Bargain bundles.

We’ve released a few in each category. I’ll introduce them today.

Also, I’m offering a discount on the new collections at the end of the post.

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How to Create a Loopable Sound Effect

Loop in the Road courtesy xq311z

Do you have a sound effects collection, or are thinking of building one?

A sound library is important for any sound designer or field recordist. It’s more than just a collection of tracks you’ve gathered during your years of editing: it is a valuable asset. It showcases your skill and creativity, and can augment the projects you contribute to.

Strong, evocative tracks create a powerful sound library. But how can you make your even more valuable?

One simple way is by creating loopable tracks.

In today’s post I’ll explain why loopable sound effects add value to your sound library. I’ll also explain how to create them with a step-by-step guide.

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