Two-Day Summer Sale: Save 50% On All Sound Effects Libraries

Beach Scene - Airborne Summer Sale

Welcome to our second annual sound fx Summer Sale. Once a year around August we offer steep discounts on every sound library on our website. What’s the deal?

For the next 48 hours, you will save 50% off every sound clip collection in the store. Just use promo code PTESUMMER at the checkout (instructions) and the savings will be automatically applied.

This special sale has been extended for two bonus days during August 16th and the 17th (with an additional bonus day of August 18th), just for Pro Tools Expert readers.

What sort of deals can you expect? Read on.

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Introducing Discounted Multi-Pack Combo Collections

The Complete Airborne Sound Library Full 2

Today Airborne Sound is introducing sound effect library Multi-Pack Combos.

What are multi-pack combos? They collect multiple sound libraries together and deliver them to you in one, complete package. Every combo has a theme: transportation sounds, high-performance vehicle clips, and so on. And most importantly, each combo of sound libraries is discounted from 15% – 35% off.

This post will briefly share the details about each collection. At the end of the post I’ll also include a bonus discount code for an additional 10% off any multi-pack combo, good for the next 48 hours.

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Announcing New Multichannel Metal and Glass Sound Libraries + 48 hr Discount

Elements Series Sound Libraries

Today Airborne Sound is releasing a new type of sound effects library: we call it the Elements series. The first two sound clip bundles in the series are Metal and Glass.

Now, as you are likely aware, there are many excellent glass and metal libraries already created by the fine field recordists in the sound design community. How is ours different?

This article will share details about the new libraries, how they are different, what makes them special, and why you may find them useful in your projects.

At the end of the article, I’ll share a 48-hour discount code to download both libraries for 50% off. That will give you almost 2,300 sound effects for only $31.50.

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New Free Sound Library Available: Concourse Crowds Sound FX

Concourse Crowds Icon

Today we’ve released a new sound library of freshly recorded field recordings. It’s called Concourse Crowds, and it is available now, competely free of charge.

This post will share info about the new collection, and how it may help you in your projects.

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New Features, Design, and Future Sound Libraries

Library Builder Vehicle Combo Multi-Pack Full

It’s been a few months since I posted here. Today I want to mention three small changes on the website: a new feature, some design tweaks, and an announcement about future sound fx collections.

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Announcing New Train & Fairground Sound Libraries + 48 hour Discount

2014 12 02 Case Montage

Today Airborne Sound is releasing three new sound libraries, available now for instant and secure download.

To celebrate their release, I’m also offering a discount of 50% off the new libraries. For the next 48 hours only, you can download all three sound libraries for only $48.50.

This post will explain why I recorded these sound libraries, why they’re special, and how they may help you. I’ll share the discount code at the end of the article.

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Now Available: The Free Firearm Library – Expanded Edition

Handgun Hero

Today Airborne Sound is offering a gun sound library for immediate download, completely free of charge.

It is called The Free Firearm Sound Library – Expanded Edition. It contains more than 1,100 files in over 7 gigabytes of gun recordings. This collection includes bonus sound files, documents, and freshly revised metadata previously unavailable elsewhere.

This post will share details about the collection, and why it is now available on Airborne Sound.

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Summer Sale: Every Sound Effects Library 50% Off Next 48 Hours

Summer Sound Effects Sale

To celebrate this incredible summer we’re having, Airborne Sound is offering 50% off every sound fx library on the entire site. That includes our premium sound libraries, our Library Builder Bundles, and even our Bargain Bundles.

This is the first time we’ve placed the entire sound library of 21 packages on sale at one time. We don’t do this often. All 53 gigabytes in over 3,600 files is half off for the next 48 hours only.

Use the promo coupon SUMMERSALE2014 on the second page of the checkout (instructions). You’ll see the prices updated with the 50% discount after you enter the code there.

Read on to see the sound library details.

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Now Available: 4 New Vehicle Sound Effect Libraries

Vehicle Sound Libraries

Today I’m happy to announce Airborne Sound is releasing 4 new sound collections. The theme? Vehicles!

  • Cars 1: Elements: 500 mixed recordings of cars, maneuvers, and Foley.
  • Transit Trains 1: 230 subway, streetcar, and monorail recordings from around the world.
  • Boats 1: Ferries: sound effects from 12-person to 7-ton passenger boats.
  • Aviation 1: 60 sound clips of helicopters, jets, fighters, and seaplanes.

In this article I’ll describe each package, and why they are special. At the end of the post I’ll share a discount code for 50% off the new collections, good for the next 48 hours only.

That code will let you download almost 850 HD field recordings in over 13.5 gigabytes of vehicle sound effects for $55.

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