48-Hour Spring Sale: 50% off 11 Sound FX Libraries


We just slashed the price in half on 11 sound bundle collections. Over 2,300 sound clips in almost 30 GB are on sale for the next 48 hours.

The sale has concluded. Sign up for our free newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to our free RSS feed to learn about our next sale

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Price Drop: 4 General Sound FX Libraries Reduced + Discount

We’ve just reduced the price of four of our general sound fx collections.

And, for the next 48 hours, you can take an additional 25% off a package of all 4 sound libraries. That will give you 12+ gigabytes of sound fx in 500 clips for $36.75 by using discount code PRICEDROP17.

The sale has now concluded. Thank you!

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Website Legal Page Updates

Hello everyone. I’m sharing a quick note today about changes to our website. At the advice of our legal counsel, we’ve recently updated four pages here. Not the most entertaining topic, of course. However, we’re required by law to let you know about the changes 30 days before they take effect. So, today’s post is a brief notice about the changes:

In short, the pages clarify things and provide more detail. While the pages add much new text, they are done in the spirit of the previous pages.

If you have any questions about the changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Paul Virostek
Owner, Airborne Sound

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Just Released: 1,300+ Sound Design FX in 4 New Libraries

8 GB of sound fx: $38 for the next 48 hours


Today we’ve added to our Library Builder sound fx collection series with 4 new sound design themes:

  • Beep, blip, and buzzer samples.
  • Drones, tones, and sci-fi atmospheres and ambiences.
  • UI and user interface menu, selection, scrolling, and button clips.
  • Whooshes, swipes, swipes, and fly-in sound fx.

And, for the next 48 hours only, these 4 new sound bundles are on sale.

Use the discount code SOUNDDESIGN to receive 50% off these sound effects. That will give you almost 8 GB of audio in 1,315 clips for $38.

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New Free Sound FX Library: Jet Airliner Fly Bys

Today we’re releasing a new sound library of vehicle sound effects: Jet Fly Bys (30 sounds, 445 megabytes).

The recordings are a of mix of commercial jet airliners flying powerfully by and passing overhead. It is completely free of charge, and joins our other 5 free sound fx collections.

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48-hour Summer Sale: 50% off all Sound Effect Libraries

Koh Phangan Beach

It’s time for our annual summer sale. Use the promo code SUNSHINE to save 50% off each of our 30 sound fx libraries.

The promo code applies to both individual sound libraries and our discounted multi-pack bundles that gather many sound libraries together.

The promo code is good for the next 48 hours only. After Thursday morning (EST), site-wide discounts this deep won’t return until 2017.

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Now Available: Attack Aircraft Maneuvers Sound Effects

F16 military-647072_1920

Today we are excited to announce the latest addition to our high-performance vehicle collections: Attack Aircraft Maneuvers.

The new sound fx library includes the sounds of 4 military jet fighters performing a wide variety of aerial maneuvers. Today’s post will share why they are different, and how they can help you.

Plus, for the next 48 hours only, the new sound library is 50% off. That will give you 118 strike aircraft sound effects in 1.62 gigabytes for $29.50. Use the coupon code at the end of the article to take advantage of the discount.

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New Free Sound Library: Courthouse Crowds Sound FX

Courthouse Crowds Hero

Today Airborne Sound has released a new sound clip collection: Courthouse Crowds. It features sounds of people in courtrooms, halls, and legal chambers.

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New Year’s Sale: 50% Off Library Builder Bundles

Library Builder Bundle Multi-Pack Combo Full

To celebrate the new year, we’re offering a discount of 50% off our “Library Builder Bundles,” for two days only. That will give you 1,450 sound fx in 12.49 gigabytes for $78.00 $39.00.

Please note: The sale has now concluded. Join our free newsletter to learn about future discounts.

Discover more details about the sound libraries and find the discount in today’s post.

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