Sound Effects Library

New Sound Clip Libraries

An aggressive fx library packed with 400+ sound design impacts, hits, rises, & releases in ~2 GB of audio.

A mixed bundle of real-world whooshes. 895 MB in 1,215 of swooshes from natural and bizarre sources.

Almost 530 sound design communication, signal, and interference tones & accents in ~2 GB of audio.

Featured Sound Libraries

Four military strike aircraft fighter jets maneuvering. 118 clips, 1.62 gigabytes.

Authentic military howitzer sound fx from three types of military field pieces including a 25-pounder a M101.

More than 70 fairground sound clips in over 7 gigabytes of audio. Includes crowd, game, and ride fx.

41 modern jet fighter maneuvers: whipping passes, fiery climbs, and crackling dive bombs.

241 fresh high-charged motorsports sound effects in 4.87 gigabytes from 9 race types.

This collection of 203 race car sound effects features racing, qualifying, practicing and race car passes.

39 rare Royal Hudson steam train sound fx in 280 MB. Features engine riding, rail clatters, passes, and more.

250 professional and consumer shop tools. From saws, hammers, and drills to pneumatic and power tools, and other machinery.

104 motorcycle passes, departures, arrivals, revs, and riding sound effects.

Sound Design Library Builder Bundles

A toolbox of whistling beeps, cyber blips, and buzzer accents. 500 clips, 513 megabytes.

An aggressive fx library packed with 400+ sound design impacts, hits, rises, & releases in ~2 GB of audio.

A beefy toolbox of fire, storm, electric, & other whooshes in logos, bursts, blasts, and whip bys. 375 clips, 527 MB.

325 sound design multimedia UI accents including alerts, notifications, buttons, readouts, selections, & more.

115 loop-ready drones that flow between sinister tones and uplifting atmospheres. 6.49 gigabytes.

Almost 530 sound design communication, signal, and interference tones & accents in ~2 GB of audio.

Bargain Bundle Sound Clip Collections

Learn more about the Bargain Bundle sound libraries.

A collection of 50 button and switch sound effects. Designed for multimedia projects.

This collection of 80 high-definition sound fx contains snow impacts, hits, pushing, crushing, and more.

A collection of 70 multimedia whoosh, swipe, sweep, and fly-in sound effects.

Elements Sound Effect Libraries

Learn more about the Elements sound libraries.

Over 500 glass breaks, bursts, impacts, debris and scraping sound effects in almost 600 megabytes.

Over 1,750 metal hits, drops, scrapes, impacts, debris, and crashes from almost 30 types of metal. 1.3+ gigabytes.

Library Builder Vehicle Bundles

Learn more about the Library Builder Vehicle Bundle collections.

Almost 3 gigs of aviation sounds in 60 effects: helicopter, jet, seaplane, and prop plane sound clips.

46 ferry sound effects, including riding tones, bow wash, and large and small ferries.

A 500-sound clip collection of car sound effects: passes, idles, riding, and interior Foley.

A collection of 25 freight train sound effects, including locomotive engine and freight car maneuvers.

A collection of passenger and commuter trains. 57 takes of interior and exterior locomotives and cars.

A collection of 230 transit train sound clips: subway, monorail, streetcar maneuvers and more.

Library Builder Sound Collections

Learn more about the Library Builder Bundle collections.

170 bathroom clips sound fx including appliances, toilets, showers, sinks, and others. 2.21 GB.

400 household sound clips including alarms, appliances, doors, radios, room tones and more.

400 human sound clips: babies to burps, coughs to screams, laughs, moans, whistles, vomit, voices, and more.

155 kitchen sound clips in one 1.35 GB package. Includes cooking, chopping, cleaning, appliances, and more.

3.14 gigabytes in 325 office sound clips. Includes computers, hard drives, phones, and office and desk tools, and others.

Library Builder Mixed Collections

Learn more about the Library Builder Mixed Library collections.

A mix of 50 specific clips and 50 atmospheres. 100 sound fx in over 4.3 gigabytes. Cheers, crowds, more.

50 long atmospheres. 50 focused clips. 4.2 gigabytes of specific & ambient clips. Tech, construction, more.

A starter set of 150 sound effects, from a baby's babble to a beer belch, blaring horn bys and beyond in 1.9 GB.

A bundle of 150 mixed household, ambient, vehicle, human, and construction sound fx, and much more. Over 2 gigabytes.