Introducing the Steam Train Sound Effects Collection

Hudson Steam Train, courtesy Bill Anderson
Steam Train Box

I’m happy to introduce Airborne Sound’s Steam Train sound fx collection today. These are rare recordings of a Royal Hudson 4-6-4 H1e class steam train.

  • $23 for 39 steam train sound effects
  • Available in 48 kHz 24-bit WAV.
  • Bonus Soundminer metadata embedded.
  • Not available anywhere else on the Web.
  • Mastered and curated by our pro sound librarians.

How does it sound? Here’s the preview:

Buy in the next 48 hours for only $17. On Thursday 7, we will be returning the Steam Train Collection to its regular price.

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Learn more about the Airborne Sound Steam Train collection.

What Do You Get?

You get 39 sound clips of steam trains in 48 kHz 24-bit WAV quality.

The collection includes:

  • riding in the steam train engine
  • riding between cars
  • steam train engine, onboard perspective
  • steam train traveling slow, medium, fast and accelerating
  • steam train with rail clatter
  • steam whistles, blasts and toots
  • loopable riding and onboard tracks
  • and many more…

Read the full list of stream train sound effects.

About the Steam Train Collection

This is the first time this steam train is available as a collection, or as we call them on Airborne Sound, a “Jet Pack.”

This collection is a great way to download all the steam train sound effects for a low price: just $23 for 39 sound clips.

Download is instant and secure.

You’ll only find them on Airborne Sound. These sound fx are exclusive. We’ve not published them elsewhere on the Web. They’re only available on

Why This Collection Is Special

We’re quite proud of these sound effects. Why?

Well, our sound librarians have put a lot of work into mastering, tweaking, polishing and curating these sounds.

Also, the collection includes unique recording perspectives. There are multiple ride and onboard sound effects. The ride perspective has the microphone inside the train, traveling along with it. The onboard perspective has the microphone mounted to the outside of the train.

To our knowledge there are no existing recordings of steam trains with this perspective available for purchase.

The collection also includes loopable tracks. These shorter segments can be repeated end to end endlessly to create seamless, long tracks. This is perfect for filling long movie scenes or for use in video games.

There are also various recordings of steam bursts, blasts and steam whistles.

Listen to the Airborne Sound Steam Train collection.

About the Royal Hudson Steam Train

The Royal Hudson H1e class is a 4-6-4 steam train. The numbers refer to the wheel arrangement on the locomotive.

The Royal Hudson steam trains were built by Montréal Locomotive Works, and owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

They were given the “Royal” name when they transported King George VI in 1939.

This steam train is number 2860, and you can read more about it on Wikipedia.

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Learn about the Steam Train sound effects.

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