5 Library Builder & Bargain Bundle Sound Effect Packs Now Available

5 Builder Libraries

In the last months we’ve released theme-based sound effects libraries of rare and powerful vehicles: jet fighter sound clips, a steam train, high-performance race car sound effects, and a Victory Vegas motorcycle.

Today we’re releasing 5 new libraries with a twist. What’s different?

There are two different pack types:

  1. Library builder bundles.
  2. Bargain bundles.

We’ve released a few in each category. I’ll introduce them today.

Also, I’m offering a discount on the new collections at the end of the post.

The New Sound Libraries

So, why two new sound library types?

I remember when I starting editing sound myself. Entering the world of post sound was an exciting time. I’ve created today’s collections for those of you just starting out. Why?

Well, one reason is selection. If you’re just beginning sound, you’re only starting to build your own sound library. The Library Builder Bundles are designed to compliment your library with a mix of popular sound clips commonly needed in projects.

Also, when you’re starting your first gig, you may not have that much cash. I’ve priced the Bargain Bundles so you can get at some new clips without much outlay.

My hope is that it that these collections can give new editors extra tools cheaply.


Bargain Bundles

These are sound effects packages organized around a single theme. The packages have 50+ files, and are priced from $7 – $13.

Whoosh Sound Effects

What sound effect does every project end up using? Whooshes, of course. That’s why we initially created our whoosh sound effects: to use them in the film and multimedia projects we work on.

Then we decided cram 70 of the most creative, interesting, and useful of them all into one package for $9. We refreshed it this year with additional clips, and designed new ones just for today’s release. Includes natural and designed swipes, sweeps, swooshes, as well as logo whooshes at slow, medium, and fast speeds.

  • 70 sound clips
  • 290 megabytes.
  • $9

Learn more about the Whoosh sound effects.



Buttons also kept finding their way into our projects. So, here’s a refreshed collection of buttons, switches, clicks, and flicks. It includes natural field recordings of sound effects, and sound design clips, too.

  • 50 sound clips.
  • 47.7 megabytes.
  • $7

Read about the Buttons sound effects.



This bundle provides 80 close perspective Snow building blocks. These elements include hits, breaks, drops, crushes, and cracking snow sound effects. It has snow trickles and mashes. There’s wet and dry snow. Unlike other collections, these are unprocessed field recordings of actual snow. Nothing was recreated using Foley props. It’s just 100% frigid, Canadian snow.

  • 80 sound clips.
  • 166.8 megabytes.
  • $13

Check out the Snow sound library.


Library Builder Bundles

What are Library Builder Bundles? While our other collections focus on one subject, these collections provide a mix of tracks. They’re sound effects we found ourselves using in our projects again and again.

These bundles are meant to help augment your library, and build upon your existing collection.

Variety 1

Variety 1 is a monster pack of almost two gigabytes of audio. It was designed to offer the most popular one-off sound effects in one discounted package. A mix of bubbles, burps, buttons, rocks, crowds, fans, farts, and footsteps.

An earlier version of Variety 1 was our most popular sound effects collection ever. It’s now been refreshed with new, better, and more sound effects.

  • 150 sound clips.
  • 1.9 gigabytes.
  • $24

Check out the Variety 1 sound effects package.


Variety 2

Want more of the same? Variety 2 has more popular sound effects: rivers to thunder, burglar alarms and phones, cheering to chatter.

You’ll recognize some of them from a pack we offered earlier this year. Variety 2 has been re-released, improved, and has more than doubled in size: 150 clips with over 2.19 gigs of audio.

  • 150 sound clips.
  • 2.19 gigabytes.
  • $24

Learn more about the Variety 2 sound clip library.



All of the five packages here include:

  • 96 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 15 fields of Soundminer metadata.
  • Sounds professionally recorded, diligently mastered, and curated by career sound librarians.
  • Instant, secure download.

All packages are refreshed with new, better, and additional sound clips. Every collection contains pure HD sound clips: no up-sampling has been applied.

Here’s the link to our sound effect collections.

Discount Code

Use the discount code LIBRARYBUILDER50 on the second checkout page for 50% off any of these new libraries (instructions). The code is good for the next 48 hours.

Incidentally, if you use the promo code on all of today’s releases, you’ll receive 500 sound effects for just $38.50.

Have you purchased earlier (2012) versions of these collections? Email us your order number, or simply reply to your confirmation email. We’ll send you a promo code for 75% off these updated collections.

Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions about the sound effects, or the discount, please contact us.

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