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Today I’m releasing a new sound effects library. It’s 75 audio clips in over 600 megabytes of sound. It’s free of charge to download, for a limited time.

It follows after our popular Variety 1 and Variety 2 collections. It’s a package of popular sound FX, bundled in one easy-to-download ZIP file.

It’s called, unsurprisingly, Variety 3.

Why “Variety” Sound Effects?

I offer almost a dozen sound fx bundles here on Airborne Sound. Most are focused on a single theme: steam train clips, race car sounds, whooshes, and so on.

Variety 3, like the two sound collections before it, is different. It includes everyday tracks meant to augment your existing library. They’re sound clips that are commonly needed. I wanted to create inexpensive collections of useful clips that find their way into your projects frequently. That’s why I call them “Library Builder Bundles.”

These sound effects were once part of a bonus add-on pack to buyers of Soundminer software. I’ve enhanced it a bit. I’m making it available to everyone today, free of charge.

What Is Variety 3 Sound Effects?

The Variety 3 sound library contains 75 sound effects in over 600 megabytes of audio. It includes river, baby, phone, and thunder sound fx. There are firecrackers, zippers, and camera sound clips. It’s a broad mix of tracks.

I particularly like the vegetable destruction fx. I destroyed a pumpkin, grapefruit, celery, and other unlucky veggies to emulate body damage, hits, skin peeling, and other horror sound clips.

Variety 3 Sound Effect Icon

There’s also a good handful of my favorite cheers ranging from a small group of four, sports bar crowd reactions, and minor league baseball fan shouts.

There’s much more than this, though. Check out Variety 3 to learn more and download the sound library.

  • 75 sound effects.
  • Over 600 megabytes.
  • Free, for a limited time.

It will only be available free of charge for a week or so, so it’s a good idea to grab early. Your personal order links automatically expire after a day, so it’s best to order and download at the same time. Here are ordering instructions.

More Mixed Sound Libraries

Like the idea of a variety of tracks? Check out Variety 1 and Variety 2. Each has 150 popular, diligently-mastered clips, priced at $24 each.

We also offer two other free sound effect packs: Ambience and Crowd sound effects. You’re welcome to download them today as well, free of charge.

What’s Next for Airborne Sound?

Stay tuned. More sound libraries will be released soon.

To stay in the know, follow me on Twitter, or join the free newsletter. I include discounts in the newsletter, too, more so than on Twitter. Both will let you know when the libraries arrive.

And here’s that link to the library again: Variety 3 Sound Effects.

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Thank you for your interest! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

~ Paul Virostek

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