5 New Library Booster Sound Effect Bundles Released

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Last week I released a sound effects library, Variety 3. Thank you to everyone who downloaded it, mentioned it on Twitter, and emailed me!

Today I have another announcement. I’m releasing five new sound effect libraries. They’re available exclusively here, on Airborne Sound.

Today I’ll share a bit about the idea behind the sound fx collections, and briefly describe each library. At the end of this post I’ll share a discount code for 50% off these new collections, good for the next 48 hours only.

Use that discount in the next two days, and you’ll receive 1,450 high-definition sound effects in over 12 gigabytes of audio for $39.50.

Five New Sound Collections

Last year I released what I called “Library Builder Bundles.” They were the most popular sound effect collections I’ve ever offered. Thank you for your support!

Many of you wrote me saying you liked the idea. So today, I’m offering five new Library Builder Bundles.

They are: Household, Human, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office.

Wait. Doesn’t everybody have these sound fx already? It’s true, they may. But that’s the reason I created these libraries in the first place. What do I mean?

Why Release Library Builder Bundles?


Well, when I decided to release the Library Builder Bundles, they weren’t intended to replace the collection you have. After all, if you’ve been editing for any time at all, it’s likely you have access to a respectable collection already.

Instead, the Library Builder Bundles are meant to augment your sound collection that you already have. Why? I’ve cut sound myself. I know what it’s like to try to wrestle a sole, lonesome clip repeatedly to picture. A single version of a take won’t do the trick. You need multiple takes so you can piece together the sound you hear in your mind. The bundles are meant to give options. That’s why each Builder Bundle includes multiple versions, takes, and perspectives. This provides flexibility.

The bundles fill the holes in your collection, or freshen your library with new takes to play with.


There’s another reason. Household and Office sound effects aren’t profound, earth-shattering clips. The don’t have the dazzle of rare birds or exotic cities. They’re not meant to.

Instead, they’re what I call foundation sound effects. These types of clips are the backbone of your collection. They find their way into every project. Sure, you’ll cut in laser battles, speedboats, and tank volleys. But those headliners don’t work alone. The Library Builder Bundles are meant to fortify your creations with subtler, supporting clips. They fill the scenes between the battles and drama. So, my idea when creating the Library Builder Bundles was for them to be the “best supporting actors” in your soundscape.

Light On The Wallet

Finally, I’ve worked to keep the price of these bundles low. Why? Well, you’ve likely spent cash on an existing collection of foundation sound effects already. Think of these bundles as an inexpensive way to give your existing library a boost. Each pack is less than $20, and is downloaded instantly and securely.

Don’t have a sound library of your own yet? I wanted to offer an affordable “starter library” to those of you just starting out. These five sound effect libraries give you an instant boost of almost 1,500 of the most commonly-used clips for $39.50 in the next two days, and $79 after that.

The New Library Builder Bundles


Household Sound FX Library

This is a big one: 400 clips in over 4 gigabytes of audio. It has the backbone clips: doors, alarms, fans, zippers, and so on. It also has a good mix of appliances: air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, fridges, and more.

I thought room tones may help you, too. So I added 18 of them. They include small and medium rooms with HVAC, fridge tones, washrooms, stairwells, and more.

  • 400 sound clips.
  • 4.09 gigabytes.
  • $18

Learn more about the Household Library Builder Bundle.


Human Sound Effects Library

This collection contains every kind of human sound: screams, whistles, laughs, sniffing, sneezing, snorting, burps and more, both from men and women.

My favourites are the baby shrieks, and actual projectile vomiting. Both were painful at the time, but I’m glad I recorded them.

  • 400 sound fx.
  • 1.62 gigabytes.
  • $16

Check out the Human sound effects collection.


Kitchen Sound Fx Library

This collection is a mix of appliances, activity, and Foley. It includes cooking, cleaning, blenders, and beer bottles. There are chopping sounds, eggshell crushing, knife sharpening, oil sizzling, and more.

  • 155 sound fx.
  • 1.35 gigabytes.
  • $14

View the Kitchen sound collection.


Bathroom Sound FX Library

How much sonic mischief can one get up to in a restroom? Plenty, as it turns out. This collection has 170 bathroom sound fx. It includes the cornerstone clips such as showers, washing, bath tubs, and toilets.

You’ll also find grooming sounds (brushing teeth, electric razors, hair drying), as well aerosol cans, faucets, water movement, plungers, and drains.

  • 170 sound effects.
  • 2.21 gigabytes.
  • $14

Learn more about the Bathroom pack.


Office Sound Clips

My favourite part of the Office collection are the technology sound effects. There are dozens of hard drive whines, ticks and clicks. It includes printers, PCs, computer mice, cameras, and web servers.

I haven’t forgotten the more subtle clips, though: books, bags, paper, briefcases, file cabinets, and more. There’s a good selection of phones, too: a mix of 28 cordless, rotary, and mobile phone fx and ring tones.

  • 325 sound clips.
  • 3.14 gigabytes.
  • $17

See the file list, and learn more about the Office bundle.

Each Collection Includes…

As with every other collection I offer, the libraries described here today feature Airborne Sound’s stringent recording, mastering, and curating standards.

In addition:

Discount Code

Enter the discount code LIBRARYBUILDER2014 on the second page of the checkout for 50% off these sound effects collections. It’s good only for the next 48 hours.

Incidentally, that means if you buy each library offered today you’ll receive 1,450 clips that total 12.4 gigs of HD audio for $39.50.

How Do I Order?

Here are some ordering tips:

If you have any questions about the discount, the collections, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

– Paul Virostek

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