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Construction Site Sound Effects

My building has been under construction for almost a year. That’s a blessing, though: I’ve been able to record some cool construction sound effects.

A while ago I shared free cutting wheel sound fx. Today I’ll share a few more machinery sound clips, which you can download, free of charge.

Demolition Hammers & Angle Grinders

The first sound effects are tools known as demolition hammers. They work similar to jackhammers. They have a long chisel that repeatedly jabs at surfaces, and breaks them apart. The difference between the demolition hammers and jackhammers is that the demolition hammers are smaller, and lighter. This means they can be held upright to chip away at concrete, stone, and metal in tight spaces.

The particular demolition hammer I recorded was a Bosch EV11316EVS. Bosch is a professional-grade tool manufacturer. The EV11316EVS is respected for its durability. It’s known to be “indestructible.”

Bosch Demolition Hammer Sound Clips

The first clip is a sound effect of a demolition hammer working on concrete and metal. It creates an interesting grinding tone.

The second demolition hammer sound clip is shorter, and has more variety in its tones.

Bosch Angle Grinder Sound FX

The demolition hammer broke up a concrete wall and the metal railing around it. Later the workers returned to buff down the remainder of it with an angle grinder.

This sound effect is of the angle grinder wearing down the metal of the railing.

Construction Ambience

I also managed to record a huge amount of broader construction atmospheres. These involve a number of tools and machines at various distances, all working at once.

How to Download the Free Sound FX

To download, visit the SoundCloud links. You can also click the download button (the arrow pointing downwards) on the SoundCloud players, above.

Please feel free to download the clips for your construction scenes. They may also find a home in sound design projects. You’re welcome to use them however you like, provided they’re not redistributed (even for free) (details, and in plain English).

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Thanks for checking out the sound effects!

Paul Virostek

Owner, Airborne Sound

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