3 New Sound Collections: Over 14 Gigs Released Today

Jet Pack Montage Half & Half

Today Airborne Sound is releasing three new sound libraries.

The first is a special addition to our “premier” sound effects collections. The other two are a new type of sound library we’re introducing for the first time today.

I’ll describe each package, and how it can help you and your projects. I’ll also include a special 55%-off discount code, good for the next 48 hours only. That will give you nearly 15 gigabytes of sound in 450 sound effects for only $47.

Find the code at the end of the post.

Tool Sound Effects

The first premier package is our Tool Sound Effects library. It is packed dozens of hand, power, and pneumatic tools, from impact wrenches and routers to jointers and lathes. Leaf blowers join brad nailers, box cutters, and bench grinders. Beefy demolition hammers and cutting wheels used on industrial sites join the framing hammers you’ll find in dad’s garage.

250 tracks and more than 60 tool types contribute to almost 6 gigs of audio.

Tools The Pros Use

Of course, the package includes the typical clips you’d expect (hammers, drills, saws, sandpaper, compressors).

Delta Miter Saw

Delta Miter Saw (click)

We’re also very proud to present the elite machines professionals include in their tool boxes and workshops. We tracked down the manufacturers and brands used by the tradesmen who depend on these tools every day: Bosch, Chicago Pneumatic, Delta, Porter-Cable, and others. We worked with actual career mechanics and carpenters to ensure the machines were used precisely the way pros demand them to, every day.

This includes pneumatic drills, grinders, winches, saws (radial, bench, jig, miter, abrasive), lathes, and much, much more.

Recorded For Flexibility

King 6 inch Jointer (click)

King 6 inch Jointer (click)

We also recorded them differently. The majority of the clips are 4-channel recordings. We did this to provide a close perspective with the microphone near each machine. We also supplemented these takes with a tandem microphone placed at “medium distant” perspective. That gives you the flexibility of choosing between tight clips, and its matching sibling with a bit more space in the recording.

Captured With Extreme Detail

Each track is labelled with precise detail. Why? Well, we catalogued the different manufacturers, blade depths, bit types, and lumber used in the takes. Each of these provides a different cast to the recording, after all. The file names, Soundminer metadata, photos, and the bonus Spec Sheet explain the difference between the machines, the manufacturers, how they are used, and of course their voices as well.

Tool Spec Sheet Montage

Includes a spec sheet with recording details

We recorded takes of each power tool at work. We also captured “free run” takes that you can use for sound design, as well.

  • 250 sound clips.
  • Many multi-channel recordings.
  • 5.85 gigabytes of audio.
  • $44

Learn more about the Tool sound collection.

A New Kind of Sound Library

Not long ago we released our (now retired) Variety 3 package, free of charge. That was a mix 75 sound clips, similar to is siblings, Variety 1, and Variety 2.

We revisited that package recently, and reflected how we could offer an upgraded version to you, with more value. We took a different approach: we thought about how you work in your projects. The truth is, most of the time a single type of clip won’t cut it. You need to lay specific, short sound effects over top of longer atmospheres. So why not give you everything you need to get the job done?

So, today, we’re releasing just that: a proper balance of both specific sound clips, and extended, evocative atmospheres. We call it the Half & Half Sound FX Pack.

Half & Half Sound Effects Packs

Today two Half & Half Sound Effect Packs are available. They join our other Library Builder Bundles in complimenting the library you already have with new, solid foundation sound effects.

In my opinion, the highlight is the amount of ambiences available. Each pack offers 50 specific sound clips, but also 4 gigabytes (or more) of atmospheres, too. This is intended to add heft and flexibility to your existing sound collection.

Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1

Specifics: There’s a lot of variety here between household, human, and vocal sounds. My favourites include the horror clips (bone breaks, flesh peels, and head caving), and crowd cheers which range from a half dozen to 1,000 people.

Atmospheres: This Half & Half Pack focuses on ambiences of hospitals, cafes, and stations. You’ll find air tones, room tones, and traffic too, though. I particularly like the huge protest chants. The train yard and train station clips are pretty cool, too.

  • 100 clips: 50 specific sound effects & 50 atmospheres.
  • 4.39 gigabytes of audio.
  • $29

View the Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1.

Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2

Specifics: The specs here focus on technology (ATM, camera, hard drive, radio, laser printer), machinery (skid-steer loader, snow blower), and vehicles (boat or ferry, race car, subway, garbage truck). There are plenty of others, too.

Atmospheres: the Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2 takes a different approach than Pack 1. It features cafe crowds, military voices, delicate museum ambiences, as well as others: rivers, traffic, playgrounds, and some sport ambiences. I especially like the mix of construction recordings. That includes machinery, lighter work, and broader site atmospheres.

  • 100 clips: 50 specific sound effects & 50 atmospheres.
  • 4.23 gigabytes of audio.
  • $29

Check out the Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2.

Airborne Sound Collections

Of course, as always, each Airborne Sound sound library includes:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV recordings (no upsampling).
  • Recorded, mastered, and curated by career field recordists and mastering technicians.
  • Every take has over 15 fields of Soundminer metadata.
  • Instant, secure digital download.

A 48-Hour Discount

Use the discount code HALFANDHALF2014 on the second page of the checkout for 55% off these collections, good for the next 48 hours.

That’s a touch more than our typical 50% launch promotion. It’s meant to bring the total price of all three of today’s releases just under $50: use the discount to download almost 15 gigabytes of audio for just $47.

Learn how to use a discount code. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in our new sound effects collections!

Paul Virostek
Owner, Airborne Sound

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