New Features, Design, and Future Sound Libraries

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It’s been a few months since I posted here. Today I want to mention three small changes on the website: a new feature, some design tweaks, and an announcement about future sound fx collections.

Design Refresh

First: we have refreshed our sound effect library icons.

New Icon Design (click to enlarge)

New Icon Design (click to enlarge)

The new, larger square icon puts a stronger emphasis on the artwork. Also, the icons now display the sound effect categories you can expect to find inside the collection, the total number of sounds, and the size of the library to help you spot key details in an instant. They save a bit of space and look more tidy.

The design replaces our former “DVD case” approach. The icons are also embedded into each sound file’s Soundminer metadata, so they line up nicely with your other sound fx collections.

New Audio Player

I’ve added a new audio player beneath every sound library icon on the front page. Simply click the play button and audio will instantly stream from SoundCloud. You’ll see a circle fill up to represent each preview’s duration.

New Audio Player

New Audio Player

Here’s an example from the Jet Fighter Maneuvers sound bundle:

This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Why?

Well, of course you can click through to each sound library’s page and see the full SoundCloud player there as always.

SoundCloud player on library page

SoundCloud player on library page

The new player saves you extra clicks. More importantly: it allows you to compare sound libraries side by side to find exactly the collection you want.

New Sound Libraries

Finally, we’ll be adding six new sound libraries in the coming months, beginning with a free sound fx bundle I’ll be releasing next week.

Want to download the free collection? Follow Airborne Sound on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed, or sign up for the free email newsletter. They’ll let you know when the new sound library will be released.

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