Airborne Sound “Complete Collection” Updated

The Complete Airborne Sound Library Full - 30 Collections

A quick note: we’ve updated the Airborne Sound Complete Collection.

The Complete Collection gathers every sound library we have on the website at a discounted price. We’ve just updated it to include our most recent sound library release, with one twist: there are more libraries, but the price remains the same.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Sound Libraries Sound Clips Gigabytes Price Savings
Old 29 6,099 66 GB $599 15%
New! 30 6,338 71 GB $599 23%

As you can see, that adds 8% more savings, and almost 25% off all sound libraries.

Learn more about the Airborne Sound Complete Collection.

Discounted Sound Library Combo Packs

Save 15%-35% on Sound Library Combo Packs

We announced our discounted Multi-Pack Combo collections earlier this year. They offer savings from 15% – 35% off hand-picked selections of similar sound libraries.

They were at the top of the library page for a long time. We’ve moved them to their own special page. Check out the Multi-Pack Combo collections. You can also click the icon in the sidebar.

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