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Today Airborne Sound is very pleased to present our latest sound fx library: Motorsports 1 (241 sounds, 4.87 gigabytes, $57 on sale for $28.50).

It’s the first library in a series of professional auto racing sound bundles we will be releasing.

Today’s post will share background about the new race car sound library, why we feel it is special, and how it may help you in your projects. The article will also include a special coupon code that discounts the collection 50% for the next 48 hours.

Motorsports 1 Sound FX Library

Motorsports 1 Sound FX Library Icon


The Motorsports 1 collection provides the energized sounds of 9 professional motorsports competitions and race cars.

  • 241 sound fx.
  • 4.87 gigabytes.
  • $57, $28.50 for the next 48 hours.

Listen to the SoundCloud audio preview below:

Visit the Motorsports 1 page to learn more, or simply click the button below to add it your shopping cart.

Additional Bonus Features

The library also includes these bonus features:

  • Fully-mastered. No PA, voices, helicopter, or other problem sounds.
  • 18 fields of Soundminer metadata.
  • Bonus “Spec Sheet” with detailed info about the cars and races.
  • Descriptive photos that help you spot the variety of cars in your own productions.
Motorsports 1 sound fx library spec sheet

Motorsports 1 sound fx library spec sheet

Read on to learn more about the idea behind the sound library.

Capturing the Mood of Motorsports

Ferrari Challenge race cars

Ferrari Challenge race cars

The Motorsports 1 sound library was designed to capture one specific element: the giddy, unrelenting power or auto racing. Never visited a race track? Have no idea of the sensation of watching dozens of technologically advanced vehicles compete?

Picture the tense, frantic energy as cars race by in excess of 750 horsepower. Imagine the blast of sound from a Boeing 737 engine, then turn up the volume a bit more. These cars are louder, providing a crushing wall of sound up to a forceful 134 decibels. Picture a fidgety battle as cars worth millions of dollars jockey for position around a tight corner.

We began the Motorsports sound library series to capture this emotion. Our aim was to gather race car field recordings that pack mood and vigour into every clip.

Sound FX from 9 Racing Events

Motorsports 1 Race Logo Montage

So, to capture the emotion of motorsports, we attended 9 races at two race tracks earlier this summer:

Detail and Diversity

Why bother with so many recordings? What’s so different between these cars?

There is actually a broad variety of expression and nuance in each of these powerful machines. No two race cars are alike. They range in power from 114 to 750 horsepower and reach top speeds of 369 km/h (229 mph). Every car and race has endless sonic detail and diversity. We created the Motorsports 1 library to capture it all:

Race Car Sound FX

  • Engine character. Every racing class demands strict engine specifications. So, we captured the distinct texture of each of these, from the futuristic whine of the updated 2014 Formula One specification, to the brutish power of IndyCar engines, to the grumbling sputtering of Pro Mazda backfire.
  • Density. While we set out to capture the ambience and feel of auto racing, it’s also important to capture isolated takes of each car. So, the collection includes single car passes as well as tight bunches of cars, and constant streams, too.
  • Speed. Of course, Motorsports 1 provides the exceptionally fast and moderately fast speeds that you’d expect from auto racing. However, it’s quite hard to convince a race car to merely amble along. We were quite fortunate to also capture takes at medium speed, and a few rare clips at slow speeds.

Racing Event Detail

  • Coverage. Of course, the cars twist and weave throughout the courses. So, we captured the vehicles in variety of positions on each track. Each race features extensive coverage: accelerating out of curves, decelerating into a hairpin turn, steady passes on straightaways, and a combination of each.
  • Track conditions. A driver’s split-second decisions can change the mood of a race in an instant. We documented the variety of track conditions from cautious yellow and red flag laps, impatient formation and parade laps, casual victory laps, as well as competitive racing.
  • Track position. Our recordists hustled around the 3–5 kilometre tracks to document race cars passing by through a variety of track features: turns, straightaways, chicanes, hairpins, swerves, tunnels, and more.
  • Event type. Drivers performed in measured qualifying events, challenged their cars in practice circuits, and gave their best in final races.

While race events are packed with crowds, suffused with PA and music, and stalked by hovering helicopters, we know sound pros can’t use tracks that include these problem sounds. So, every clip is provided completely clean. Each take features the isolated power of the vehicles without any intrusive noises.

A 48-hour Discount

Use the discount code MOTORSPORTS1 for 50% off the full price of the sound library. That means you’ll spend just $28.50 for 241 sound clips and 4.87 gigabytes of race cars.

The discount code is good for the next 48 hours.

The sale has now concluded. Sign up for our free newsletter to learn about new sales in the future.

Learn how to use a discount code. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you for visiting Airborne Sound and reading about our new sound library.

Visit the Motorsports 1 sound library page.

— Paul Virostek

Owner, Airborne Sound.

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