New Year’s Sale: 50% Off Library Builder Bundles

Library Builder Bundle Multi-Pack Combo Full

To celebrate the new year, we’re offering a discount of 50% off our “Library Builder Bundles,” for two days only. That will give you 1,450 sound fx in 12.49 gigabytes for $78.00 $39.00.

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Discover more details about the sound libraries and find the discount in today’s post.

The libraries on sale today and tomorrow are:

  • Bathroom.
  • Household.
  • Human.
  • Kitchen.
  • Office.

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Bathroom Sound Clips

  • 170 sounds.
  • 2.21 gigabytes.
  • $14.00 on sale for $7.00.

Classic bathroom field recordings including shaving, showering, water, washing, gadgets and grooming sound effects, and much more. 170 sound clips in over two gigabytes of audio.

Visit the Bathroom sound library or simply click the button below.

Household Sound FX

  • 400 sound clips.
  • 4.17 gigabytes.
  • $18.00 on sale for $9.00.

The Household sound fx collection is one of the largest sound libraries offered on Airborne Sound. It offers 400 sound clips, adding up to over 4 gigs of audio.

A wide selection of appliances (fridges, air conditioning units, radios, TVs, vacuums, washing machines, dehumidifiers) join domestic Foley (chairs, mailboxes, blinds, switches, zippers).

This sound fx bundle also features 18 room tones, and a wealth of over 200 takes of doors, drawers, and windows.

Learn more about the Household sound fx collection.

Human Sound Collection

  • 400 sound fx.
  • 1.62 gigabytes.
  • $15.00 on sale for $7.50.

The Human sound clip collection features 400 sound clips of the sonic diversity of our biology.

Coughs, crying, kisses, screaming, sex, and more are all extensively captured. You’ll find burps, laughing, snoring, and sniffing meticulously organized by gender and age so you can track down similar performers. Multiple takes offer editing flexibility.

Discover more details about the Human sound library.

Kitchen Sound Library

  • 155 sounds.
  • 1.35 gigabytes.
  • $14.00 on sale for $7.00.

Rummage through a collection of 155 kitchen sound effects. Includes everything you need to craft a tasty domestic sound clip landscape: cutlery, cans, bottles to appliances, doors, and drawers. Feast on cooking, cleaning, pouring, and food and drink.

Find more information about the Kitchen sound clip collection, or add it to your cart by clicking this button:

Office Sound Effects

  • 325 sound clips.
  • 3.14 gigabytes
  • $17.00 on sale for $8.50.

This sound library features office technology, including computers, web servers, printers, mice, and hard drive whines. It gathers books, binders, beeps, and bubble wrap with cameras and chairs, phones and paper.

There’s more: scissors, shredders, scanners, safes, and more are included in this hefty collection of 325 sound effects in over 3 gigabytes of sound.

Visit the Office Sound Effects library.

Airborne Sound Effect Libraries

All of our sound libraries feature:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • Meticulously recorded, mastered, and curated sound libraries.
  • Soundminer metadata.

A Discount Coupon for 50% Off

Use the discount code NEWYEAR2016 for 50% off the sound libraries. It’s good for the next two days only. The sale has now concluded. Join our free newsletter to learn about future discounts.

That’s only $39 for 1,450 sound fx in 12.49 gigabytes.

Learn how to use a discount code. Please email us with questions.

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