48-hour Summer Sale: 50% off all Sound Effect Libraries

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It’s time for our annual summer sale. Use the promo code SUNSHINE to save 50% off each of our 30 sound fx libraries.

The promo code applies to both individual sound libraries and our discounted multi-pack bundles that gather many sound libraries together.

The promo code is good for the next 48 hours only. After Thursday morning (EST), site-wide discounts this deep won’t return until 2017.

Popular Sound Effect Collections

Here are examples of your savings on our fan favourite bundles:

Human Sound FX

A mix of crying, screaming, coughing, sneezing, and other human Foley.

  • 400 sound clips
  • 1.62 gigabytes
  • $16.00 on sale for $8.00

Visit the Human sound bundle page to learn more.

Steam Train Sound Bundle

Sounds captured while riding an authentic steam locomotive.

  • 39 sound fx.
  • 281.4 megabytes.
  • $29.00 on sale for $14.50

Visit the Steam Train sound fx page.

Household Sound FX

A wide variety of domestic sound effects and Foley.

  • 400 sound clips
  • 4.17 gigabytes
  • $18.00 on sale for $9.00

Learn more about the Household sound effects library.

Attack Aircraft Maneuvers Sound Collection

Sound clips of military jet fighters screaming across the sky.

  • 118 sound fx.
  • 1.62 gigabytes.
  • $59.00 on sale for $29.50

Visit the Attack Aircraft Maneuvers sound fx library page.

Cars 1: Elements Sound Library

A grab bag of doors, hoods, horns, and vehicle maneuvers.

  • 500 sound fx.
  • 3.65 gigabytes.
  • $37.00 on sale for $18.50

Visit the Cars 1: Elements sound clip collection page.

Whoosh Sound Library

Swipes, fly-bys, swooshes, and more.

  • 70 sound fx.
  • 290 megabytes.
  • $9.00 on sale for $4.50

Learn more about the Whoosh sound bundle.

Button Sound Collection

Clicks, clacks, and ticks from switches and buttons.

  • 50 sound clips
  • 47 megabytes
  • $7.00 on sale for $3.50

Visit the Buttons store page.

The Complete Airborne Sound Collection

The Complete Airborne Sound Library Square 33 300x Seal B

Every sound fx library on the site. It’s already discounted. The summer sale cuts this price in half again.

  • 33 sound libraries.
  • 6717 sound fx.
  • 79.52 gigabytes.
  • $675.00 on sale for $337.50

Visit The Complete Airborne Sound Collection page to learn more.

About the Sound Libraries

Every sound effect we offer is captured with the utmost care. They are diligently mastered and carefully curated by career mastering professionals.

All sound libraries include:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 15+ fields of Soundminer metadata.

Note: the Steam Train and Elements sound libraries are 48 kHz/24-bit. Some libraries also include bonus multichannel files.

A 50%-off Discount Code

Use promo code SUNSHINE at checkout to save 50% off every sound fx library in the store. The discount code is good for the next two days only.

Learn how to use a discount code.

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