New Free Sound FX Library: Jet Airliner Fly Bys

Today we’re releasing a new sound library of vehicle sound effects: Jet Fly Bys (30 sounds, 445 megabytes).

The recordings are a of mix of commercial jet airliners flying powerfully by and passing overhead. It is completely free of charge, and joins our other 5 free sound fx collections.

An Unusual Opportunity

I’m currently staying at a condo that happens to be under the flight path of an international airport. Every few minutes jet airliners sail overhead with a overwhelming wash of sound. The condo is quite near the airport, so the jets pass just above the height of the building in deafeningly-clear, screaming passes.

Why complain, though? It’s a great opportunity! I set my Neumann RSM-191i stereo shotgun microphone to capture the aircraft as they passed by from left to right above me. I paired this with a flight tracking app to identify each model of airliner, then gathered the roaring engine sound to collect a mix of commercial models.

Jet Airliner Types

The jets include models from Airbus and Boeing:


  • A320 versions 216 and 232. Short- to medium-range medium-sized narrow-body jet airliner. Two engines, single aisle.
  • A319. Shortened version of the A320.
  • A340. Long-range wide-body jet airliner. Four engines, twin aisle.
  • A350. Airbus’ newest long-range wide-body jet airliner. Two engines, twin aisle.


  • 737 versions 8xx, 9GP, 85N, and others. Short- to medium-range narrow-body jet airliner. Two engines. Competes with the A320.
  • 777. Long-range wide-body jet airliner. Two engines.

The jets pass at generally the same distance and speed. The main distinction is the character of the engine tone, which includes grinding, whining, screaming, roaring, and groaning sounds amongst thick, breathy, whooshing passes.

Use the clips for airport vehicle sound fx, or as sound design elements to build whooshes or transitions.

Jet Fly By Sound Effects

Jet Fly Bys Sound Effect Library Icon

30 jet airliners roaring past at medium, medium slow, and medium fast speeds nearby and in the medium distance.

  • 30 sound fx.
  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 445 megabytes.
  • 19+ fields of metadata from 4+ formats.
  • Pro, CD-quality, and MP3 versions available.

Listen to a sample of the sound fx from the jet library:

Visit the Jet Fly Bys sound fx collection page to learn more, or click the download button below:

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Visit the Jet Fly Bys sound fx collection page.

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