Just Released: 1,300+ Sound Design FX in 4 New Libraries

8 GB of sound fx: $38 for the next 48 hours


Today we’ve added to our Library Builder sound fx collection series with 4 new sound design themes:

  • Beep, blip, and buzzer samples.
  • Drones, tones, and sci-fi atmospheres and ambiences.
  • UI and user interface menu, selection, scrolling, and button clips.
  • Whooshes, swipes, swipes, and fly-in sound fx.

And, for the next 48 hours only, these 4 new sound bundles are on sale.

Use the discount code SOUNDDESIGN to receive 50% off these sound effects. That will give you almost 8 GB of audio in 1,315 clips for $38.

New Additions to the Library Builder Bundles

A few years ago we introduced our Library Builder Bundles. They were designed to amplify your existing sound effects with fresh takes. These four new sound design libraries join others in the series: Household, Human, Office, Kitchen, and Bathroom sound fx.

Learn more about the Library Builder Bundle series.

Sound Design Library Builder Bundles

Those packages were grounded in real-world objects and places. These recent releases take a different approach: they depict imaginary places and provide sci-fi accents and multimedia tools.

Our sound designers broke out their samplers and stacked plug-ins to twist conventional field recordings into otherworldly clips. These 1,315 clips are designed to give you options, fill the holes in your collection, and add fresh takes to twist and tweak.

They are also designed light on the wallet. Each pack is $19, and $9.50 if you use the 48-hour 50%-off coupon code in today’s post.

Here are the sound fx libraries:

Whoosh, Sweeps, and Swoosh Sound FX

Eclectic Whooshes Icon

The Eclectic Whooshes sound fx bundle provides new takes of swipes, swooshes, fly-ins, and whooshes.

  • 375 sound fx.
  • 527 megabytes.
  • $19.00, on sale for $9.50.

The swishes emerge from a variety of themes: fire, energy, storm, electric, cybernetic robotic whooshes and others. There are whoosh-to-impacts, blasts, bursts, whip-bys, and much more.

Learn more about the Eclectic Whooshes sound library.

Listen to a sample of the previews from this library:

Beep, Blip, and Buzzer Sound Clips

Beeps and Buzzers Icon

Blips and boops find their way in projects ranging from modern thrillers to space operas. Beeps and Buzzers was created to add hundreds of extra clips to your sci-fi arsenal.

  • 500 sound clips.
  • 513 megabytes.
  • $19.00, on sale for $9.50.

The sound bundle presents many families of these popular fx: coarse, raw, and nasal buzzers, fluttering and chattering bleeps, clean and robotic beeps, and more.

Learn more about the Beeps and Buzzer sound fx library.

Listen to an audio preview montage of these sound fx:

Drones, Tones, and Sound Design Atmosphere FX

Light and Dark Drones Icon 300x

Sound pros place drone atmospheres in projects ranging from horror flicks to first-person-shooter AAA game titles. That variety demands a matching selection of imaginary ambiences.

Light and Dark Drones was created to help. It provides both textured, neutral tones as well as melodic, emotional atmospheres.

  • 115 sound effects.
  • 6.49 gigabytes.
  • $19.00, on sale for $9.50.

The dark, textured takes present airy, buzzing, shimmering, swirling beds and others. The light drones gather angelic, mystical, eerie, rhythmic tones, and much more.

Read more about the Light and Dark Drones sound library.

Listen to a sample of the drones in this library:

User Interface Elements

Interface Accents Sound Clip Library Icon

Want to enhance a feature film computer screen action? Need to augment website clicks? Looking for video game menu sounds?

Interface Accents was created with these projects in mind. It offers menus, buttons, selections, and scrolling clips.

  • 325 sound clips.
  • 203 megabytes.
  • $19.00, on sale for $9.50.

The accents emerge from creative families such as crystalline, buzzing, chattering, and fluttering takes. There are notifications, alerts, buttons, switches, readout and scans, selections and menus.

Learn more about the Interface Accents sound bundle.

Listen to the sound fx preview montage below.

Professionally Crafted Sound FX

All sound fx collections include:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • Professionally mastered sound fx.
  • Diligently curated clips with 19+ fields of metadata in three formats.
  • Instant, secure download.

A 48-Hour Sale + Coupon Code

Use the discount code SOUNDDESIGN for 50% off these new Library Builder Collections. That will give you 1,315 sound clips in almost 8 gigabytes of audio for $38.

The coupon is good for the next 48 hours only.

Please note: the sale has concluded. Subscribe to our free newsletter to learn about our future sales.

Learn how to use a discount code.

Thank you for your interest in the new sound fx libraries.

– Paul Virostek, Owner, Airborne Sound

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