A Free Community Collection – The Medieval Weapons Sound Library, Curated Edition

Today Airborne Sound is offering a fresh take on a sound effects library of medieval weapon hits, Foley, and whooshes, completely free of charge.

The Free Medieval Weapons Sound Library – Curated Edition (580 clips, 340 MB, free) features swords, axes, bows, crossbows, spears, daggers, and much more. There are hits, bow releases, arrow and bolt Foley, weapon swing whooshes, and many other sound fx.

About the Medieval Weapons Sound Library

The Free Medieval Weapons Sound Library began in the summer of 2014 as a crowdfunding project by Ben Jaszczak and his colleagues at Still North Media. The crew began the Kickstarter with the aim to contribute medieval-era weapon sound fx for film or game audio projects.

The campaign was a huge success, and by April 2015, the team had delivered a sound library of middle-ages weapons and textures to contributors. With great generosity, they also shared the collection with the wider community completely free of charge.

I had known the Medieval Weapons Sound Library was a good tool for sound designers. I realized it had been some time since it had been mentioned in the community. So, I reached out to Ben Jaszczak to see if he would be interested in sharing the library on Airborne Sound to reach even more sound designers and audio fans. Ben replied:

We’d love to have the Medieval Library hosted on your site. Thank you for your help sharing the sounds!

And so the Medieval Sound Library finds a home here, thanks to the kindness of Jaszczak and Still North Media. Thank you!

Creating a Curated Edition

The Medieval Weapons library was already awesome. We became excited while listening to it again. We decided to hand-pick our favourite clips from the collection, and present our interpretation of the tracks. We locked ourselves in our edit suites to add our spin to the already considerable efforts of the Still North Media crew:

Curatorial enhancements:

  • Added descriptive names.
  • Embedded 19+ fields of distinct Soundminer metadata (description, track title, keywords, BWAV description, artwork, more).
  • Applied categorization and subcategorization.
  • Organized clips in themed folders.

Mastering modifications:

  • Split long files into separate regions.
  • Split sounds into distinct conceptual fragments.
  • Selected clips with minimal noise floor.
  • Selected clips with the most compelling performances.

Audio tweaks:

  • EQ (roll off room rumble, notch out room hum, remove air thumps).
  • Levels (fixed incongruent levels, raised levels as needed, applied fades).
  • Processing (gentle de-noising).
  • Removed foreign sounds (recordist breaths and slates and talking, background environmental sounds, butt-cut pops).
  • Trimmed dead air preceding clips.

The result is a new, abridged sound library of 580 carefully selected mono WAV files in 340 megabytes. Each clip arrives complete with full Soundminer and BWAV metadata. It is available in MP3, CD-quality (44.1 kHz/16-bit), and pro (192 kHz/24-bit) formats, all free of charge.

The change saves 171 megabytes and expands the number of sound files from 92 to 580 clips.


What’s inside the new curated edition of the Medieval Weapons Sound Library? A lot:

  • English longbow draw, release, and shoot
  • Scythian recurve bow draw, release, and shoot
  • Crossbow lever, nut, and shoot
  • Arrow and bolt fly up and by
  • Weapon hits (axe, dagger, katana, mace, Norse sword, sabre, seax, spear)
  • Draw and replace weapons in scabbards
  • Weapon swinging whooshes
  • Arrow fletching strumming

The Free Medieval Weapons Sound FX Library Curated Edition

Free Medieval Weapons Sound Effect Library Icon

The Free Medieval Weapons Sound Library – Curated Edition contains:

  • 580 sound clips.
  • 340 megabytes.
  • 3 formats: 192 kHz/24-bit or 44.1 kHz/16-bit mono WAV files, MP3 320 kilobits.
  • Includes 19+ fields of metadata in 5 formats (Soundminer, BWAV, MacOS Spotlight, ID3v2).

Download the collection free of charge. We just ask that do not share it (even free of charge).

Listen to an audio preview of clips from the Medieval Weapons library:

Learn more about the Medieval Weapons Sound Library – Curated Edition or download it, free of charge by clicking the button below.

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Note: the Curated Edition includes hand-picked, mastered and curated files from the original sound library. Visit Still North Media if you’d like to download the original sound fx collection.

My thanks to Still North Media for their generosity allowing us to share their hard work here on the website.

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