It’s Here: The Once-A-Year Summer Sale: 50% off all Sound FX Libraries

Sound fx library price drop

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Starting today, every sound effect library on Airborne Sound is 50% off. For the next 48 hours only, save hundreds of dollars on sound design collections, sound library builder bundles, fighter jets, howitzers, elite race cars, and more.

We hold this site-wide 50%-off sale only once a year. This is the only time we offer half-price discounts to our multi-pack combo collections of bundled libraries, including our complete collection of over 8,000 sound effects (38 sound libraries, 7,962 sound effects, $660 now $330).

Use discount code SUMMERSALE17 during checkout to take advantage of the 2-day discount.

Sound Library Highlights

Here are some of our most popular sound fx collections.

Sound Design Collections

Our four sound design libraries are extremely popular. They include Eclectic Whooshes (375 clips, 527 MB), Beeps and Buzzers (500 clips, 513 MB), Light and Dark Drones (115 clips, 6.4 GB), and Interface Accents (325 sounds, 210 MB). All are now $9.50 each.

Library Builder Bundles

Our “top-up” sound fx collections of sound effects are good additions to your existing library. These common sound effects will find their way into every project you work on.

Our most popular bundles include:

  • Human (400 clips, 1.6 GB, $16 now $8)
  • Household (400 clips, 4 GB, $18 now $9)
  • Office (325 clips, 3 GB, $17 now $8.50)

There are others, too.

Vehicle Collections

Our Cars 1: Elements (500 clips, 3.5 GB, $37 now $18.50) collection includes a mix of vehicle Foley and driving performances. It’s one of our most popular collections.

That’s closely matched by the Aviation 1 bundle (60 clips, 2.9 GB, $27 now $13.50) with clips of fighter jets, airliners, prop planes, and helicopters.

See all the Vehicle collections on the site.

Premier Collections

We also feature rare sound effects of

View all featured collections.

Bargain Bundles

Our Bargain Bundles include popular sound effects that are priced to be light on the wallet.

The include Whooshes (70 clips, 290 MB, $9 now $4.50), Snow (80 clips, 166 MB, $13 now $7.50), and Buttons (50 clips, 47 MB, $7 now $3.50).

View all sound effect libraries.

Sound Collections Crafted with Care

All sound fx collections include:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • Professionally mastered sound fx.
  • Diligently curated clips with 19+ fields of metadata in three formats.
  • Instant, secure download.

Note: the Metal, Glass, and Steam Train collections are 48 kHz/24-bit.

A 48-Hour Sale + Promo Code

Use the discount code SUMMERSALE17 at checkout for 50% off all the above libraries.

Learn how to use a promo code.

Thank you for your interest in our sound fx libraries. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Paul Virostek
Owner, Airborne Sound

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