GDC Sale: All Sound FX Libraries 50% Off

It’s been a while since we posted here. Today we are celebrating the annual Games Developer’s Conference with a limited time half-price sale.

The GDC convention is taking place in San Francisco from March 19-23. So, each of our individual collections is 50% off until Friday. Use the promo code GDC2018AB at the checkout (instructions) to take advantage of the deal.

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Here are some collections that may interest game audio pros:

Sound Design Sound Libraries

Check out our whoosh, drone, user interface accents, or beeps and buzzers sound libraries to help augment sci-if or fantasy game titles. They’re on sale for $9.50 each.

A toolbox of whistling beeps, cyber blips, and buzzer accents. 500 clips, 513 megabytes.

An aggressive sound library packed with 400+ sound design impacts, hits, rises, and releases in nearly 2 gigabytes of audio.

A beefy toolbox of fire, storm, electric, & other whooshes in logos, bursts, blasts, and whip bys. 375 clips, 527 MB.

325 sound design multimedia UI accents including alerts, notifications, buttons, readouts, selections, & more.

115 loop-ready drones that flow between sinister tones and uplifting atmospheres. 6.49 gigabytes.

Almost 530 sound design communication, signal, and interference tones and accents in nearly 2 GB of audio.

Want to twist cool vehicle engine effects into sound design elements? The fighter jet (library one, library two), race car (library one, library two), howitzer, and steam train collections provide good building blocks for new creations.

Our metal and glass elements libraries each provide hundreds of textures clips captured from three distances for ample designing flexibility.

Over 500 glass breaks, bursts, impacts, debris and scraping sound effects in almost 600 megabytes.

Over 1,750 metal hits, drops, scrapes, impacts, debris, and crashes from almost 30 types of metal. 1.3+ gigabytes.

Library Builder Bundles

Designing a real-world game instead? Choose from 1200 clips in our human, kitchen, household, bathroom, and office packs. They’re each now under $10.

170 bathroom clips sound fx including appliances, toilets, showers, sinks, and others. 2.21 GB.

400 household sound clips including alarms, appliances, doors, radios, room tones and more.

400 human sound clips: babies to burps, coughs to screams, laughs, moans, whistles, vomit, voices, and more.

155 kitchen sound clips in one 1.35 GB package. Includes cooking, chopping, cleaning, appliances, and more.

3.14 gigabytes in 325 office sound clips. Includes computers, hard drives, phones, and office and desk tools, and others.

More Sound Fx Libraries

We offer many other sound collections ranging from tools to trains and cars to crowds.

Browse all our sound libraries.

Airborne Sound FX Libraries

Every sound library we offer is recorded, mastered, and curated to professional standards and includes:

  • 96 kHz, 24-bit WAV files.
  • Professionally recorded, expertly mastered, and lovingly curated libraries.
  • Instant, secure download.
  • Includes 3 formats of bonus metadata : Soundminer (19+), BWAV, MacOS Spotlight.

NOTE: the Steam Train and “Elements” sound libraries are 48 kHz, 24-bit.

A 48-hour Sale

Save 50% off these sound libraries by using the coupon code GDC2018AB on the checkout page (instructions). This promo code is good for the next 48-hours only.

Note: the sale is now over. Subscribe to our free newsletter to be notified of new deals and discounts!

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