3 Fresh Sound Design Libraries Revealed: 2,000+ clips for $44

A while ago we introduced our first sound design libraries. They’ve become some of the most popular sound effects on the website!

Today we are introducing three more audio bundles for the talented sound designers in the crowd: Crisis Accents, Organic Whooshes, and Transmission/Interference sound fx libraries.

For the next two days only, each of these new sound collections is 40% off. That means with discount coupon TWISTEDFX you can download over 2,000 sound fx in nearly 5 gigabytes of audio for just over $40.

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Crisis Accents Sound FX

Crisis Accents Sound Effect Library Icon
Need to invoke dread or suspense? Want to highlight a climactic scene? Looking to accent your cut scene? Maybe you are crafting a logo, trailer, or presentation.

Crisis Accents has you covered. It features whooshes and sweeps. It includes stingers and swells. There are crashes, smashes, blasts, and buffets. Don’t look for subtlety here. These compressed, distorted, and mangled fx are huge and pushy, packed with swagger and confidence. They’re designed to be impressive, sensational, and powerful.

Each of the 410 clips is organized by category and type of sound (buzz, hum, airy, subsonic). Some are pre-pitched and time shifted for ease of use.

Listen to a sample of the stingers in this library:

  • 410 sound fx
  • 1.98 gigabytes
  • $24 on sale for $14

Learn more about the Crisis Accents sound bundle.

Organic Whooshes Sound Clips

Organic Whooshes Sound Effect Library Icon
We have plenty of whooshes on the site: The Whoosh pack has foundation clips. Eclectic Whooshes is a supercharged mix of diverse swishes.

Organic Whooshes is something new. For this pack, we put away the samplers. Instead, we recorded swings and sweeps of real-world props. The typical sounds are here: bamboo, branches, fabric, fire, sticks, and more. You’ll also find unconventional props, too: aerosol spray, tubes, tape, pipes, plastic, and others. Each clip is carefully organized by prop type and sound in folders and metadata.

Listen to the sound fx preview montage below:

  • 1,215 sound clips
  • 895 megabytes
  • $24 on sale for $14

Learn more about the Organic Whooshes sound fx library.

Transmission/Interference Drones and Tones

Transmission Interference Sound Effect Library Icon
Probe outer space and connect with alien species with the Transmission/Interference sound collection. This library creatively shapes buzzes, electricity, hums, noise, and other tones to become designed signals, communication errors, and interruptions.

Use them to add texture to distress calls and beacons. Enhance broadcasts, announcements, and alerts. Accent terrestrial televisions, radios, and phones. Craft imaginary interstellar relays and starship subspace communiques.

The clips are presented in textures, drones, and tones, as well as accents, hits, and stabs. Many of the tracks are loop-ready to seamlessly repeat across your scenes. Everything is well-organized with metadata and in nested folders.

Listen to an audio preview montage of these tones:

  • 529 sound samples
  • 1.93 gigabytes
  • $24 on sale for $14

Read more about the Transmission/Interference sound library.

Professionally Crafted Sound FX

All sound effect bundles include:

  • 96 kHz/24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • Professionally mastered sound fx.
  • Diligently curated clips with 19+ fields of metadata in three formats.
  • Instant, secure download.

We have put a lot of time into designing, mastering, and curating the sound fx are hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as we did creating them.

A 48-Hour Sale + Coupon Code

Note: the sale is now over. Subscribe to our free newsletter to be notified of new deals and discounts!

Use the discount code TWISTEDFX for 40% off these new Library Builder Collections. That will give you 2,154 sound clips in almost 6 gigabytes of audio for $43.20. That’s a savings of over $28 off all three packages.

The coupon is good for the next 48 hours only.

Learn how to use a discount code.

Thank you for your interest in the new sound effect libraries.

– Paul Virostek, Owner, Airborne Sound

Check out the new sound design libraries.

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