Bathroom Sound Effects

170 bathroom clips sound fx including appliances, toilets, showers, sinks, and others. 2.21 GB.

Household Sound Effects

400 household sound clips including alarms, appliances, doors, radios, room tones and more.

Human Sound Effects

400 human sound clips: babies to burps, coughs to screams, laughs, moans, whistles, vomit, voices, and more.

Interface Accents Sound Effects

325 sound design multimedia UI accents including alerts, notifications, buttons, readouts, selections, & more.

Kitchen Sound Effects

155 kitchen sound clips in one 1.35 GB package. Includes cooking, chopping, cleaning, appliances, and more.

Library Builder Bundle Multi-Pack Combo

A collection of 5 Library Builder sound libraries in almost 1,500 sound fx and over 12 gigabytes of audio.

Office Sound Effects

3.14 gigabytes in 325 office sound clips. Includes computers, hard drives, phones, and office and desk tools, and others.

Organic Whooshes Sound Effects

An eclectic bundle of real-world whooshes. 895 MB of 1,215 natural swooshes from sticks, cloth, plastic, metal, and bizarre sources.