High-Performance Vehicles Multi-Pack Combo

A discounted combo bundle of all or premium vehicles. 746 files, 14.38 gigabytes.

Vehicles: Aviation Sound Effects

Almost 3 gigs of aviation sounds in 60 effects: helicopter, jet, seaplane, and prop plane sound clips.

Vehicles: Boats 1: Ferry Sound FX

46 ferry sound effects, including riding tones, bow wash, and large and small ferries.

Vehicles: Car Sound Effects 1: Elements

A 500-sound clip collection of car sound effects: passes, idles, riding, and interior Foley.

Vehicles: Freight Train Sound Effects 1

A collection of 25 freight train sound effects, including locomotive engine and freight car maneuvers.

Vehicles: Passenger Train Sound Effects 1

A collection of passenger and commuter trains. 57 takes of interior and exterior locomotives and cars.

Vehicles: Transit Train Sound Effects

A collection of 230 transit train sound clips: subway, monorail, streetcar maneuvers and more.