Ambience Sound Effects

A bundle of 15 crowd, sports, crowd, weather, station, construction, and other atmospheres.

Courthouse Crowds Sound Effects

A pack of 20 courthouse crowd sound clips: halls, atriums, courtrooms, and corridors. 1.5 gigabytes.

Crowd Sound Effects

A collection of 10 crowd, people, and pedestrian sound fx: cafes, college, fair, train and subway stations, and more.

Fairground Sound Effects

More than 70 fairground sound clips in over 7 gigabytes of audio. Includes crowd, game, and ride fx.

Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1

A mix of 50 specific clips and 50 atmospheres. 100 sound fx in over 4.3 gigabytes. Cheers, crowds, more.

Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2

50 long atmospheres. 50 focused clips. 4.2 gigabytes of specific & ambient clips. Tech, construction, more.

Variety 2 Sound Effects

A bundle of 150 mixed household, ambient, vehicle, human, and construction sound fx, and much more. Over 2 gigabytes.