Elements: Glass Sound Effects

Elements Glass Sound Clips Library

The Elements: Glass sound fx library features over 500 clips of bursting brittle glass panes, fragile crashes, crackling shards, toppling glasses, shattering hits, and squeezing glass debris.

We took a five-pound hammer, a crowbar, a cinder block, a mallet, and even our feet to deliver Foley justice to thick, thin, and large panes of glass, drinking glasses, and glass debris.

The clean clips are tightly trimmed to help you place clips quickly to compliment your sonic compositions. Three microphone perspectives (close, medium close, and medium distant) provide flexibility to match your scene. The Elements: Glass bundle also includes punchy sound design drops and hits, as well as layered hits and crashes. (Full details below.)

  • 516 sound clips (track list).
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 563 megabytes.
  • Professionally recorded, expertly mastered, and lovingly curated.
  • Instant, secure download.
  • Includes 3 formats of bonus metadata : Soundminer (19+), BWAV, MacOS Spotlight.

Glass Sound Clip Library Specifications

Click to view take breakdown
Take Breakdown
Perspective Channels Microphone Sounds
Close Version 1 Mono Schoeps 113
Close Version 2 Stereo Neumann 191-i 92
Medium Distant Stereo Neumann 191-i 93
Designed Stereo Designed 39
Layered/Montages Stereo Designed 179

Click to view performance list
Performance Sounds
Break, Crash, Smash 125
Debris 115
Hit, Impact 30
Moves 3
Scrape, Slide 25
Sound Design Crashes and Hits 39
Layered Crashes 159
Layered Hits 20

Click to view prop breakdown
Prop Breakdown (single takes only)
Prop Type Variations Sounds
Glasses 3 76
Plate Glass 4 107
Debris 4 115

Glass Sound Bundle Images

Read more about this collection in the sound library announcement blog post.

Elements: Glass Sound Effects Includes:

Click to view track list
  • Aperitif glass breaking
  • Pint glass breaking
  • Wine glass breaking
  • Large plate glass breaking
  • Medium plate glass breaking
  • Thick plate glass breaking
  • Thin plate glass breaking
  • Cinder block crushing debris
  • Cinder block dropping on debris
  • Crushing and compressing debris
  • Debris movement
  • Dropping onto debris
  • Ceramic mug impacts
  • Pint glass impacts
  • Plate glass impacts
  • Glass moves
  • Thick plate glass scraping
  • Thin plate glass scraping
  • Layered glass breaking, crashing, and smashing
  • Layered glass hits and impacts
  • Processed glass breaking, crashing, and smashing
  • Processed glass hits and impacts

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