Sound Effect Spec Sheets

Spec Sheet

Our premier sound effect libraries now include spec sheets. The spec sheets adds multimedia and PDF documents:

  • Sound effect detail, history, and context.
  • Sound effect highlights and sonic relevance.
  • Collection context.
  • Recording technique.
  • Links to trade websites and further reading and research.
  • Photos of sound effects and microphone layout.

How Spec Sheets Help You

The spec sheet includes information about why and the sound effects were recorded. It includes details about the prop, and why it is important from a sonic perspective.

Why do the libraries include a spec sheet? Well, often sound editors need to know the context of the sounds they use. A film director may need a precise model and make of car, appliance, or aircraft. The spec sheet helps you spot differences, and become more informed about the sound effects you’re using. This background information will help you cut the sounds wisely.

The spec sheets add links to trade websites. They also included photos. Have a motorcycle in your television show, but aren’t sure what it is? The photos will help you narrow down your search and decide if the motorcycle, race car, or jet is the right sound for your project. There are also some shots of the microphone layout so you can visualize how the takes were captured.