Sound Effects with Metadata


Every sound clip downloaded from our sound effects library is embedded with bonus metadata. It is compatible with Soundminer, Basehead, and Soundly asset-management software, iTunes, and other metadata apps.

Our sound librarians worked for six months populating, describing, and embedding every one of our 27,000+ sound effects with comprehensive details to help find the precise sound clip you need. Now every sound effect you download from Airborne Sound comes enriched with metadata.

We are field recordists and sound editors ourselves so we know what information you want. We added the right metadata you need to find sounds quickly and edit accurately.

What is Metadata?

Metadata is hidden text information wrapped around each sound file. This bonus information is displayed when sound clips are viewed in metadata app sound file browsers. If you use iTunes music jukebox software, you will also be able to see the metadata information.

Benefits of Metadata

The extra metadata provides more information than just a file name. With metadata app software or iTunes and Airborne Sound’s additional metadata you will search your sound library quicker and smarter.

Metadata software allows you to browse, search and import your sound library directly into your editing workstation, and much more. Feature film sound editors, music editors and sound librarians world-wide use metadata apps to organize and use their sound libraries.

Don’t have a metadata app or iTunes yet? Not to worry. Metadata doesn’t interfere with your audio file at all. You will still be able to play Airborne Sound’s sound effects just like any other sound files.

Metadata Formats

Metadata comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Sound effects metadata includes extended descriptions and details, categories, subcategories, microphone placement, and other recording information.

Airborne Sound supports the following metadata formats:

  1. Soundminer Metawrapper.
  2. BWAV.
  3. MacOS Spotlight.
  4. ID3v2 (free libraries only).

1. Soundminer Metawrapper Metadata

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The Soundminer Metawrapper metadata format is popular in post-production studios worldwide. We support 19 fields of Soundminer metadata:

  • Description (full details)
  • FXName (friendly name)
  • TrackTitle (friendly name)
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Location
  • Library
  • CD Title (library title)
  • Library Icon (image)
  • Notes
  • Source
  • Microphone
  • RecMedium (recorder type)
  • Designer
  • Composer
  • Publisher
  • Manufacturer
  • URL
  • Keywords


Metadata Apps Editing Apps
Soundminer v4.5 Pro Pro Tools

2. BWAV Metadata

BWAV metadata is a universal open format. Our metadata offers the following BWAV metadata:

  • BWAV Description
  • BWAV Originator


Metadata Apps Editing Apps
Soundminer v4.5 Pro, BaseHead, Soundly, BWF MetaEdit, Wave Agent, and many others Audition, Nuendo, Peak, Pro Tools, Pyramix, SaDiE, Sequoia, soundBlade, Sound Forge Pro, and WaveLab

3. MacOS Spotlight Metadata

Mac users are able to see Airborne Sound metadata natively in every sound file. These fields include:

  • Title (Soundminer TrackTitle or FXName)
  • Musical genre (Soundminer Category)
  • Authors (Soundminer Author or Designer or Composer or Manufacturer)
  • Comment (Soundminer Description)
  • Copyright (Year and Soundminer Manufacturer and Library and URL)

You can see this metadata by typing command-i on selected sound clips, and find them by searching in the Finder’s Spotlight (command-space).

MacOS Spotlight metadata

MacOS Spotlight metadata


Metadata Apps Editing Apps

4. MP3 ID3v2 Metadata


The majority of our sound collections are offered in the pro WAV format as stereo 96 kHz, 24-bit WAV files. Our free collections are also offered as MP3s, which support the bonus IDv3 format.

  • Song Name (Soundminer TrackTitle)
  • Artist (Soundminer Artist)
  • Album (Soundminer CDTitle)
  • Album Artist (Soundminer Library)
  • Composer (Soundminer Composer)
  • Grouping (Soundminer Publisher)
  • Genre (Soundminer Category)
  • Comments (Soundminer Description)
  • Artwork


Metadata Apps Editing Apps
Basehead, iTunes, Soundminer, MP3TAG, TagScanner, many others Audacity, and WaveLab

Learn more about metadata.