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Just Released: 1,300+ Sound Design FX in 4 New Libraries

8 GB of sound fx: $38 for the next 48 hours Today we’ve added to our Library Builder sound fx collection series with 4 new sound design themes: Beep, blip, and buzzer samples. Drones, tones, and sci-fi atmospheres and ambiences.

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New Year’s Sale: 50% Off Library Builder Bundles

To celebrate the new year, we’re offering a discount of 50% off our “Library Builder Bundles,” for two days only. That will give you 1,450 sound fx in 12.49 gigabytes for $78.00 $39.00. Please note: The sale has now concluded.

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3 New Sound Collections: Over 14 Gigs Released Today

Today Airborne Sound is releasing three new sound libraries. The first is a special addition to our “premier” sound effects collections. The other two are a new type of sound library we’re introducing for the first time today. I’ll describe

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